This blog is where I intend to post up various half-baked ideas that come up in the course of my learning and research.

This blog is named Cicada because of a poem whose title is Cicada,

垂緌飲清露,流響出疏桐。 居高聲自遠,非是藉秋風。


You may find "ksqsf" elsewhere but I can't guarantee he/she is me. The best method is to email me directly.

PGP key

Short ID    5C065519
Long ID     117AAEF35C065519
Fingerprint D6C6 54B5 B217 40EB 1C40  2789 117A AEF3 5C06 5519

Sign my key when you meet me offline!

More about me

  • I used to watch a lot of anime, but I'm losing interest...
  • I'm a Touhou fan.
  • I write nasty code. More than happy if you are willing to review my code!
  • I like music. Trying to make my own music.
  • I want to be good at math, but always failed.


I'm fortune to have worked with these great people! Alpha order:

  • Hustcw,
  • Hypercube,
  • IBug,
  • Layton Chen,
  • Mingliang Z.,
  • Nicecream,
  • NoirGif,
  • Sirius,
  • TaoKY,
  • V1me,
  • Volltin,
  • Zihan Zheng,

And here are some some great people I met online:

  • Huangjj27,
  • Wayslog,